Death Myths

After death, nails grow on the fingers. Hair and fingernails can occasionally regrow after death. You won't need a manicure for dirt napping.

Death that sleeps is enjoyable. Hopefully a bear attack or hornet attack won't result in your death. Some people claim that passing away while you sleep is peaceful.

Posing a health concern are dead bodies. If you've ever been close to an inexplicable corpse, you might be concerned about its safety.

You become ash after cremation. People who are afraid of eternal claustrophobia prefer cremation. You might believe that the technique comprises heating the body till it turns to soot powder. Not exactly.

Hospice is only necessary for the terminally ill. Hospice care is frequently linked to providing comfort to the dying and end-of-life care. Palliative care is used by some people to lessen stress.

You lose 21 grammes when you die. The idea that a human body loses 21 grammes when it dies is the most perplexing death myth. According to others, the soul is leaving its physical host to reside ethereally.